$10K Hidden Shed Found by Price Natives


A recent $10K Hidden Shed Riddle challenge for Utah was hosted, with the opportunity to gather the prize shed and compete in the ultimate and ongoing $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt. This is taking place not only in Utah, but also in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico.

The Utah shed was hidden on the Cricket Mountains near Delta. Price’s own Kreed and Krey Keele were successful in utilizing the Scout to Hunt App, testing their brains while working through riddles, to find the shed following nearly two weeks of effort.

Scout to Hunt, a digital shed hunting platform that is based out of Saratoga Springs, is hosting the second consecutive $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt. The riddles featured included “to calm your nerves, recall the herds that were observed to be disturbed” and “you can seek where ancient land was amassed into the vast old bath, where small waves are still seen if you are keen.”

The Keele’s were recognized on May 16 in Soldier Summit for their discovery. Scout to Hunt’s big question now is, “where is the next hidden shed(s)?”

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