Emery Secures 3 Firsts at Second Weekend of Dixie-6


By Julie Johansen

On Friday, November 20th, Will and Wyatt Magnuson captured first place in the team roping and Austin Allred edged out all other bull riders and won first place.  Then on Saturday, Hayden Cloward and his partner Kycen Winn won first place in Team Roping.

Other Carbon and Emery team members also picked up points this past weekend. On Thursday evening Riata Christiansen, Emery, was crowned first attendant to the weekend queen. Kortney Backus placed fourth.

Friday during the rodeo, Morgan Jensen, Carbon,placed 9th in the barrels. Makayla Jensen,Emery, also got 9th in the girls breakaway roping.  Louie Ivie, Emery, and partner Stephan Ramone, SUC  placed 7th in team roping.

In the pole bending Riata Christiansen captured third place,and in tie down roping Ty Gordon, roped fast enough for 4th place. McKoy Christiansen, Emery, placed 7th in Reining Cow horse competition.

Ty Funk, Emery, received 8th in the rifle shoot and Jordon Pierce,Carbon was 2nd in the trap shoot.

On Saturday, top team roping honors went to Hayden Cloward, Emery and his partner, Kycen Winn from Sevier. Morgan Jensen lowered her time enough to place 4th in the barrels and Jordon Pierce place 8th in the trap shoot. In Rifle Shooting Ty Funk, 5th, Jordon Pierce,7th and Kolton Rhodes 7th.

One of the highlights of the Dixie-6 is the Cowboy Prom held on Saturday night. Cowboys and cowgirls get a chance to dress-up and enjoy the friendship of their rodeo family and friends.


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