2 Deputies Named Carbon County Employees of the Month


For the month of July, there were two Carbon County Employee of the Month highlights given to deputies from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

These deputies were Taylor Cox and Nathan Hepworth. Carbon County Human Resources Director Rose Barnes began the presentation, stating that it was really amazing what the duo did. Sgt. Shawn Addley then spoke on the two deputies, stating that the particular incident being highlighted took place on March 4.

On that day, Deputy Cox attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation. The driver fled and after an on-road pursuit, it turned into a foot pursuit with Deputy Cox remaining on the person’s trail.

He called on radio and all available law enforcement personnel began to head that way. Sgt. Addley stated that not everybody that was involved in the incident was present at that evening’s commission meeting. During the pursuit, the subject in question turned toward Deputy Cox and put his hand around his waistband, saying he was going to shoot him.

At this time, Deputy Cox called that out and continued to pursue. The foot chase led to the south Price area in a residential neighborhood where the suspect was cornered between a fence with a number of troopers, including Cox and Hepworth.

During that time, several commands were given to show hands and the individual continued to state that he would shoot. A Utah Highway Patrol Officer tased the subject in the end. Sgt. Addley stated that training was crucial in this situation and everybody was able to get home safely, including the subject.

“Deputy Cox and Deputy Hepworth were a huge part of that,” said Sgt. Addley.

The commissioners then expressed their appreciation for the two deputies, who echoed back the sentiment. They were presented commemorative plaques and their photos will be featured in the administration building for the remainder of the month.

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