2012 Caucus Meetings Wrap Up Around The State


The Utah Republican Party hosted numerous caucus meetings around the state Thursday, and one such took place at Castle Dale Elementary.

Small and large communities alike have the opportunity to gather together and talk about its shared values. Community members nominate a Precinct Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. Elected delegates attend party conventions and cast votes to select candidates to run in primary and general elections. State delegates have a hand in pickingВ candidates for statewide offices among others.В The Utah Republican Party elects up to 4,000 delegates and the Democratic Party elects up to 2,700.


“This is the last and greatest example of true democracy at work,” said Randy Johnson, who was re-elected precinct chair of the Castle Dale East precinct. “Folks in the neighborhood getting together on this level determining who is going to make the decisions that lead up the level and all of the elections that are pertinent to us and pertinent to our state and I congratulate you for being here.”

Regardless of party affiliation, caucus meetings are empowering to those in attendance. Having a decision in the democratic process and nominating those who will represent us is a trueВ privilegeВ that all Americans enjoy and should take advantage of. Caucus meetings allow that process to happen.

For more information on this topic, go to www.utgop.org and utahdemocrats.org.


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