14-Year-Old Arrested For Setting Fire In School


A 14-year-old-boy was taken into custody yesterday for setting a fire in a custodial closet at Mont Harmon Junior High School.

The identity of the boy has yet to be released publicly. It is estimated that the fire caused $10-15,000 in damages.

The fire was intentionally set by the boy as he placed aВ hotplateВ on top of someВ combustibles, but there were no specifics given in the media reports, said Price City Fire Chief Paul Bedont. He also can’t explain why the boy started the fire.

“I have no clue what was going through his mind,’ said Bedont. “I mean, personally, I don’t think his intent was to hurt anybody.”

Students were evacuated around 9 a.m. yesterday after smoke reached fire alarms in the building. No injuries were reported and class was back in session this morning.

Bedont said the public needs to have a plan for fires in the home.

“Do you have fire drills at home? he said. “Your children go to school and they know exactly what to do if there’s a fire. But, do your children know what to do if there is a fire in your own home? Check your smoke alarms and make sure you practice with your children what to do if there is a fire.”

He then wanted juveniles to know that there is always evidence to help catch criminals and they will be caught.

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