2018 Southeastern Sterling Scholars Shine at Competition


On Wednesday, the Sterling Scholars from high schools throughout Southeastern Utah gathered at USU-Eastern to compete for the title of their category’s Sterling Scholar winner as well as opportunities at scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the state.

The competition featured seniors from high schools across the region who display excellence in a given area of academics. Students created a portfolio of their accomplishments in scholarship, leadership and citizenship prior to facing an interview before three judges to determine a winner and two runners-up in each category.

Categories in the competition include Drama & Vocal Performance, Mathematics, Dance, Social Science, Forensics & Speech, Science, Music, Family & Consumer Science, English, Skilled & Technical Education, Business & Marketing, Visual Arts, World Languages, and Computer Technology.

Carbon came away from the competition with five Dinos named as winners in their reported categories while Emery had three Spartans receive a winning position.

English Winner Mercedez Clifford Carbon
Runner Up Aidan G. Newton Grand
Runner Up Breanne Slade Monticello
Music Winner Adriana Taylor Carbon
Runner Up Eva Perkins San Juan
Runner Up Ashley Adair Monticello
Social Science Winner Tyler Moreau Grand
Runner Up Tyler Pierce Carbon
Runner Up Riata Christiansen Emery
Science Winner Luke Hansen Carbon
Runner Up Ryan Lewis Grand
Runner Up Vincent Saltclah Whitehorse
World Languages Winner Elexis Dalton Emery
Runner Up Kathryn Black San Juan
Runner Up Katie Datzman Carbon
Visual Arts Winner Trinity Yazzie Grand
Runner Up Zoie Chamberlain San Juan
Runner Up Crystal Stanley Monument Valley
Forensics and Speech Winner Grace Osusky Grand
Runner Up Nathaniel Smith Emery
Runner Up Jaylee Cox Carbon
Dance Winner Mikelle Monson Carbon
Runner Up Abigail Isabella Mason Grand
Runner Up Halle Young Monticello
Computer Technology Winner Sid Schaefer Whitehorse
Runner Up Jessica Walker San Juan
Runner Up Camaysa Crittenden Monticello
Mathematics Winner Samantha Roberts Emery
Runner Up Lindsey McFarlane Green River
Runner Up Alyssa Reeve Monticello
Skilled & Technical Education Winner Brayson Wilcox Monticello
Runner Up Ashley Leautaud Carbon
Runner Up Rhett C. Lee San Juan
Family & Consumer Science Winner Abbie Huntington Emery
Runner Up Ryann Shumway San Juan
Runner Up Canden Stockdale Carbon
Business & Marketing Winner Makara Morgan Carbon
Runner Up Brans Peterson Emery
Runner Up Brooklyn Grover San Juan
Vocal & Drama Performance Winner Ashley Berrett San Juan
Runner Up David White Emery
Runner Up Bethany Prettyman Carbon


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