41st Annual Mine Rescue Competition Comes to Price


The 41st annual Rocky Mountain Association Mine Rescue Competition took place in Price last week, bringing teams from around the area to Castle Heights Elementary School where the competition was hosted.

Teams, representing various organizations, were put into a variety of mock situations over the four-day event while vying for victory according to Debbie King, Administrative Secretary for the Coal Miner Certification branch of Utah’s Labor Commission.

Monday featured the pre-shift competition where attendees show off their knowledge of checking a shaft for hazards or any safety violations before another shift starts.

Tuesday and Wednesday featured the mine rescue competition where individuals were presented with a variety of problems and had to work their way through a mock mine while finding any problems, locating bodies of injured miners and other situations.

Thursday featured the first aid competition as well as the bench-men, checking the equipment worn by miners.

At the end of the week, the results from the various contests were given and the victors named.

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