Five County Clerks, 50 Years: Carbon County’s Alexis Horsley Retires


Pictured: Alexis Horsley, Carbon County Chief Deputy Clerk, appears before the county commission on Wednesday evening where the employee was thanked for her near-50 year employment with the county.

By Traci Bishop and R. Chantz Richens

It’s not often someone stays with the same employer from high school until retirement; however, that is exactly what Carbon County Chief Deputy Clerk Alexis Horsley has done.

Horsley was honored at the Carbon County Commission meeting hosted on Wednesday where the long-time employee was awarded a retirement plaque and given a standing ovation by those in attendance.

Horsley first began working for the county during her high school years. After taking a break, though, to raise her children, she returned to the county where she has worked until today.

“It’s definitely not every day you have an employee stick with you for 50 years,” commissioner Jake Mellor said.

Horsley’s job description as Carbon County’s Chief Deputy Clerk has taken her through the fine workings of the county as well as under the direction of five different county clerks.

“You would think that any one of us would have driven her crazy,” Carbon County’s current Clerk and Auditor Seth Oveson said of Horsley with a laugh.

Horsley not only helps in general matters throughout the office, she also oversees payroll for all of the county employees and has helped with numerous elections.

“It’ll be hard to fill that position after she’s been here,” Oveson said. “She’s the kind of person that whatever she does, she does it one-hundred percent and does a great job.”

A small retirement luncheon will be hosted for Horsley as well as for fellow county employee Rex Sacco on Tuesday, June 13 in the lobby of the county administration building. The event is open for all who would like to join in wishing the employees well in their retirement.

“We love her a lot,” Oveson said. “We’re happy for her and sad for us.”

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