68 Gallons of Paint Will Contribute to A Brush With Kindness Projects


A Brush With Kindness (ABWK) is a program facilitated by Habitat for Humanity that assists members of the community by doing minor exterior repairs to their homes in exchange for a low monthly payment to give back what was used to improve the home.

Habitat for Humanity affiliates are able to receive paint that is either highly discounted, sometimes even free, through Valspar and Habitat for Humanity International. The paint goes strictly to home builds and repairs. Katie Anderson with A Brush With Kindness requested 68 gallons of exterior home paint for both siding and porches.

This request was made in hopes of completing five to six house painting projects through ABWK this year throughout Carbon and Emery Counties. ABWK was able to receive $1,720 worth of paint for only $102.  The $102 was for a transport fee.

This contribution will keep the price down considerably for partner families in need of having their homes painted. The painting projects will also provide exciting and rewarding experiences for volunteer groups, which is another method used to keep costs down. However, there will still be some cost involved due to site supervision of volunteers and materials for cleaning the house and applying the paint. Partner families will, of course, still have the option of paying zero interest monthly payments which can be spanned for up to two years to cover the full cost.

This summer, and throughout the year, ABWK will continue to complete other exterior home repairs such as installing ramps, window and door replacements, yard cleaning and fixing roof leaks. An expected total of 16 ABWK projects are set to be completed this year.

Those interested in applying can call Katie Anderson at (435) 564-3330 or visit AWBK’s website at  https://habitatcastlecountry.org/abwk/abwkapplication/.



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