A Brush With Kindness: 2 Days, 2 Projects


Press Release
Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country’s A Brush With Kindness program kicked off its summer season with not one, but two home repair projects this past week. The owners of a historic building in Helper found that their aging home requires a little more upkeep as the years pass. They knew that their roof was not going to make it many more winters and approached Habitat for Humanity to help them take some preventative measures.

Leaking roofs are a serious issue. However, once the water damage is inside the house, the problem exceeds the scope of Habitat’s critical home repair program. These homeowners acted before it was too late!

The A Brush With Kindness team took on a second project the next day! Another citizen of Helper was struggling to maintain her yard without the ability or equipment to keep it under control. With just one day of mowing, weeding, and tilling, Habitat was able to clear her driveway and give her a backyard again.

The group was joined by a volunteer all the way from Long Island! When Hank Eunsch was planning his western road trip, he sought a way to donate some of his time along the way. He reached out to Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country months in advance and was able to join in on these back-to-back projects. He brought a great attitude and energy to the site we wish him well on the rest of his trip!

A Brush With Kindness is a home repair program by Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country. The program offers low interest loans to help homeowners keep their living conditions safe and comfortable. For more information about how to apply, visit https://habitatcastlecountry.org/abwk/abwkapplication.

We would like to thank the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, AmeriCorps, Wells Fargo, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, and CJ’s Do-It Center for their support! Without the sponsorship of these organizations as well as donations from locals and vendors, Habitat for Humanity would be unable to help deserving people in need of home repairs.

We are always looking for motivated volunteers to help Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country. Visit https://habitatcastlecountry.org or give us a call at (435) 637-9701 to find out how you can help the cause!

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