A Full Agenda Addressed by Ferron City Council


By Julie Johansen

The first item on the agenda of the Ferron City Council meeting on Wednesday was Shawn Allred. He was granted an extension of 10 days on the clean up order he had received. The extension was granted because Allred had been hurt in an accident and needed extra time to heal.

Jared Howes, Ferron City’s EMS representative on the Emery County EMS board, then gave a monthly report to the council. His report included the activities at the recent EMS county meeting. Howes explained that there was a question if an EMT could also serve on the board, so an attorney has been contacted and will be advising them. A new assistant director for the county has also been appointed, and Howes would be assisting her.

Consideration of sensitive information on billing was also considered and will be handled carefully. A garage lead for Green River had also been approved. Howes also stated that in Ferron, full-time availability (85%) was expected and the other 15% was covered by backup from Castle Dale or Emery.

Also during the meeting, Terry Bennett requested a donation for the MECCA Bike Festival. A silver donation of $250 was approved by the council. A donation of $75 to ETV News for a Castle Gate Mine disaster publication was also approved. A drug court service project to help paint the concession stand for Ferron City was approved with the city providing the paint.

Brad Walker, Millsite State Park Ranger, was introduced to the city council. Walker spent some time introducing himself, speaking of his goals and expectations for the park. Water conservation and landscaping with native plants were his two top objectives. The grass planted at the park will be reduced and some trees and bushes will be replaced.

Councilman Ray Petersen then presented a snow removal plan and procedure for the city. He stated that the purpose of the plan was to have continuity for the maintenance crew over the years. The plan was approved with the change from a 6 a.m. start time to no later than 6 a.m. at times when removal is needed.

Also approved was the process of contracting out the printing of the city’s utility bills, which would actually save the city time and money in the amount of nearly $400 per month. The continuation of monthly newsletters was also discussed but tabled for more information on pricing if accompanying the utility bills. Also discussed was leaving some newsletters at the post office or city hall for citizen pickup.

Terrence Bell was appointed to the Ferron City Planning and Zoning Board. A City Audit Committee of Jesse Russel, Cole Reveli, and Rob Larsen was also approved and welcomed by the council. Mayor Trent Jackson will also work with this committee.

The Ferron City Arbor Day celebration is planned for April 6 and will included planting trees and a poster contest, so citizen participation is encouraged.

Bids were then opened for tree removal at the cemetery. The low bid of $8,900 from Z’s Trees was approved and they will be contacted immediately with hope of removal in time for a burial. Fallen trees and also trees recommended by the arbonist will be removed. Some branches will be removed and trunks will be cut to 10 feet, stored and eventually auctioned off.

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