A Mix of Old and New Coming to the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Hannah Patrick was tapped in to organize the booths and vendors for this year’s highly-anticipated Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival, which will take place Aug. 18-21.

Patrick stated that this year, they have had over 60 artists sign up; however, they only have 60 spots available on Main Street, prompting the need for a waiting list. In total, there are 72 artists signed up. Patrick stated that the interest in the festival has been nice, but she feels bad having to put people on a list.

In regard to food vendors, there are 10 that have signed up, but there is also a waiting list with that. There will be a mix of old and new this year, in both art and food vendors.

Patrick and her husband moved from West Virginia to Helper three years ago. The first year she attended the festival, she was just getting to know the community and loved it. Though there wasn’t a festival in 2020, Patrick volunteered for last year’s and met with Mayor Lenise Peterman to help wherever she could.

She learned beside Mayor Peterman how to assist the artists and food vendors and this year, she was placed in charge of it all. In terms of entertainment for this year, Patrick stated that there is a lot of variety.

There are a lot of different art forms to learn about, see and buy. Patrick said that she loves the fact that the entire festival is free for attendees and there is an opportunity to really get involved and experience art that one may not be familiar with.

This year, the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival will have its own booth and will be selling various goods, including t-shirts.

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