A Multiplicity of Issues Discussed at Commission Meeting in Emery County


By Julie Johansen

Emery County Librarian Carole Larsen and Castle Dale Librarian Roxanne Jensen gave a presentation about the county library program to the Emery County Commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday.

They stated their strategic goals for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Commissioners approved their request for permission to hold electronic meetings of the library board when needed. The librarians also presented a demonstration of the libraries’ online access program. With this program, the public can find what books are available at each library, order a book through an outreach program or renew books.

Jake Atwood from Emery County Recreation requested financial help with the Emery County Fair. There was discussion on whether citizens would rather have the rodeo or a concert if funds do not allow for both. Commissioners would like response from the citizens on this issue. They also approved help with funding for entertainment and amusement equipment for the fair.

Alex Buskin from Zions Bank and Castle Valley Special Service District Director Zac Sharp explained the grants and bonding issues relating to the 2016A, Ferron water treatment and 2016B capital funds for the CVSSD. They also announced a public hearing on these issues to be held on April 5. The interest rate, payback schedule and loan period were also presented to the commissioners. The Ferron Water Treatment Plant bond is $1.35 million with 1.5% interest and payback period of 15 years. The 2016B, capital funds, is $1 million with 2.5% interest. These monies are available because of applications by the CVSSD to the Community Impact Board. The commission approved resolution allowing these actions.

Also at the meeting, approval was granted to the Utah State Division of State History to inventory the Emery, Hambrick Bottoms, Vermillion, Clarion and Thompsonville cemeteries.

County treasurer Steven Barton then asked the commission for a deferral agreement of real property taxes for four citizens who have contacted the county with payment arrangements on delinquent taxes. This request was granted. Barton also explained that a delinquent tax sale would be held on May 19 at 10 a.m. He stated that several mailings to seven real estate holders, four homeowners and one business regarding five years of delinquent taxes have been made. Unless other arrangements are made, these properties will be sold.

Approval was then given for an agreement on a joint cooperative undertaking to establish a public insurance agency for the purpose of administering the Utah Search and Rescue Act. This would make it possible for recreationists to purchase an insurance card in case they should need assistance from search and rescue personnel.

Three individuals were appointed to the Emery Water Conservancy District: Lee McElprang, J.R. Nelson and Clyde Magnuson.

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