A New Council Member for Castle Dale City


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council met last week for its last meeting of 2023 where a new council member was announced. Emily Mills will be joining the other council members at the January 2024 meeting. Adriana Chimaras chose not to run again while incumbents Brad Giles and Joel Dorsch ran unopposed, so there were only three positions open. Since there were only three who applied, no municipal election was held.

Councilman Dorsch recommended Christmas bonuses for city employees. The amounts of these bonuses were based on the status of the employees, full or part time. This motion was passed unanimously. The city council meeting schedule was also approved and regular meetings will be on the second Thursday of each month again next year. Holiday schedules were also approved with a roll call vote.

Two bids for security at the Blue Sage Arena (indoor arena) were opened and discussed. The lower bid was approved and Security Systems (Brian Christensen) was awarded the bid in the amount of $13,000. The maintenance crew has already started on the concrete work at the arena and work on the doors and security systems to be installed soon.

Following discussion during last month’s meeting and the study of a new software program for bookkeeping in the city office, Pelorus software will be installed and the company will update the office in the next couple of weeks. This was gladly accepted by the mayor, city council and especially the recorder and treasurer in the office.

This led to another discussion of direct deposit for city employees, which would be optional. Changing pay schedules was also discussed with some controversy. The mayor wished to discuss this with city workers before a vote was taken.

Kerry Lake, zoning administrator, reported on the Castle Dale City Planning and Zoning meeting in November. The new ordinances and recommended zoning changes will be ready for a public hearing at the January 2024 meeting. Animal control officer Terry Lofthouse reported very little activity with regard to his responsibilities in the last month.

With wishes of a merry Christmas from Mayor Danny Van Wagoner and a “Ho-Ho-Ho” from a councilmember, the meeting was adjourned.

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