AARP Smart Driver Course to be Offered to Community at Bruin Point Elementary


Press Release

A special AARP Driver Safety class will be held in East Carbon at Bruin Point Elementary School Tuesday, January 19, 2016 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. for former students who took driver education from Leonard Miller between 1967-76. This will be a reunion of sorts for these students. The class will be open to others who are over the age of 55.

The class will feature many video clips related to aging drivers and also discussion about changes that have an effect on drivers as they age. Topics that will be talked about during the class include reaction time, vision, hearing, medications and agility. Material will be discussed about features on the cars that were unheard of when the class was previously taught as well as the latest traffic laws and information regarding roads and highways that we now drive on. Former students will recall the journal of safety and accident articles that were a requirement in order to receive a passing grade in the classroom. This will not be a requirement for this class. Rather, Miller will present several articles from newspapers and magazines as well as videos that have been collected over the past several years that will be informative and in some instance humorous.

Those attending the four-hour class will be eligible to receive a discount from their auto insurance carrier that will be effective for three years. An additional discount will be given when spouses also take the class.

Sign up for the class at either the senior center or Miner’s Trading Post. Refreshments will be provided by Miner’s. Let’s have a fun time reminiscing part driver education experiences and discussing today’s driving experiences!

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