Abandoned Puppy Finds Home at the Price Police Department


The Price City Police Department (PCPD) shared quite the story with the community on Thursday evening as they told the tale of PeeDee the abandoned puppy.

Around 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 10, PCPD Officer Steven Brown was dispatched to meet a complainant regarding a found puppy. The complainant had been traveling along the highway when they noticed a box that was on the side of the road. Upon approaching said box, something stuck its head up. It was discovered that there was a puppy left inside the box, which also contained a paper listing the breed, birthdate and vaccination chart of the dog.

There was no information that was provided in regard to a possible owner and this two-month-old puppy had been left outside in the freezing cold and the darkness. That same evening, there was a social gathering for off-duty officers. Officer Brown and Sgt. Shawn Sackett crashed the party, introduced the puppy, and it was not long until numerous officers offered to foster the puppy.

At that time, Chief Brandon Sicilia took responsibility for the dog. In the days since that incident occurred, the PeeDee has spent his weekdays at the police department getting to know the lay of the land. There have been no reports received through the Carbon County Animal Shelter, dispatch or the police department regarding the puppy.

“Since nobody has come forward, the puppy has been named PeeDee and we are working towards getting him certified and trained as a Critical Incident Emotional Support Dog,” the PCPD shared. “We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we are excited for him to be able to spread the same love and joy to others that he has already provided for our police family.”

Those that would like to donate for PeeDee’s specialized training, food and supplies, donations are accepted at Price City Hall, located at 185 East Main Street, or the police department, located at 910 North 700 East.

The PCPD also wished to give a shoutout to Tractor Supply, thanking them for their generous donation of a bed, toys and food for PeeDee.

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