Adopt a Pet Today, Gain a Friend and Save a Life


The Carbon County Animal Shelter is a staple in the area for wayward animals that would otherwise have few options without it.

Beverly Thompson is the animal control officer and has worked for the shelter for four years. Thompson states that on a weekly basis, they receive anywhere from 20 to 30 animals, of which possibly 10 get adopted.

A lot of the animals that wind up at the shelter are pets that are re-claimed. However, there are still plenty of animals that are left and remain homeless. The shelter itself covers expenses to vaccinate the puppies and kittens that are brought in.

The shelter is home to cats and dogs only. On occasion it will have rabbits or ferrets dropped off, but they are picked up by local wildlife experts. The shelter does have the facilities available to take in horses and livestock. It also sometimes receives animals such as goats.

According to Thompson, the euthanasia records are down this year, thanks to local rescues. There is only one instance in which an animal is euthanized; when a cat is feral. That rate has also dropped significantly over the last year. Thompson advises that it is a necessity to get your pets spayed and neutered. The shelter becomes overwhelmed with litters of kittens and puppies.

“Come and help adopt,” Thompson said. “This time of year it’s really hard on the shelter when we get so full. The animals pull at your heart strings.”

Adoption is beneficial in many ways. It helps animal populations decrease, and it gives a homeless pet a place to be and people to love. As opposed to buying an animal from a breeder or a pet store, adopted pets have been abandoned before and are very willing to please and give love because they don’t want to feel the abandonment again. The bond between an owner and an adopted pet is a very strong one.

Most people think of bringing home a new pet and their minds instantly travel to kittens and puppies. However, there are many benefits to adopting an older animal as well. Older pets are usually house trained, already have established manners and don’t need a lot of disciplining.

“Adopting helps those misfit animals that aren’t out there in the public,” said Thompson.

The adoption process is an easy one. The first step is to visit the animal shelter to see what animals they have. Bring your family members and any other pets that would be living with the animal. The shelter is able to provide rooms in which the animals and potential owners can spend time together before adoption. There is also a foster program for the animals that are over a year old. They are able to be taken for 14 days, and if the experience went well they are able to be adopted.

To adopt a dog, the cost is anywhere from $125 to $150, which includes the price of getting them fixed, rabies shots and a microchip. A cat is $40, which includes the price of spay or neutering. Microchips are also offered for a $10 additional charge. If an animal is already fixed, dogs are available for $50 and cats are free.

If you would like to go to the animal shelter and find yourself a brand new furry friend, the address is 2900 Airport Road. You can also call the shelter at (435) 636-3747 or contact it on its Facebook page by searching Carbon County Animal Shelter.

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