Air Force Academy Band Celebrates 70 Years


Recently, the United States Air Force Academy Band presented their Western Slope Tour at Carbon High, where members of the community united to watch an elaborate music performance courtesy of the United States Air Force.

For 70 years, the Air Force Academy Band has used the power of music to inspire Air Force personnel and the nation through innovative musical programs.

With over 50 members, the band presented a wide variety of music with eighteen different musical instruments.

The band started the entertainment off with “Ecstatic Fanfare.”

The crowd was delighted with many other musical numbers as they were able to experience the light and dark side of music as  well as fast and slow paced rhythms.

Younger audience members were stunned with “In Summer” from the Disney movie Frozen with Master Sergeant Tim Allums playing the snowman.

To end the show was “None So Beautiful and America, The Beautiful,”  which came with a message for the audience: Freedom doesn’t come free.

The Air Force Academy Band is conducted by Lt. Col Daniel L. Price.

The Air force would like to give a personal thank you to Tana Jensen, Steve Pay and the staff at Carbon High for making the event possible.


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