Carbon District Spelling Bee Hosted at Mont Harmon


Pictured: The winners of the 2017 Carbon School District Spelling Bee. Photo courtesy of Mont Harmon Middle School.

Press Release

On February 15, 2017, Carbon District held its annual Spelling Bee.  The top three students from Bruin Point, Wellington, Castle Heights, Creekview, and Sally Mauro elementary schools, as well as, Mont Harmon, and Helper middle schools competed for a chance to represent the district at the Regional Spelling Bee to be held on March 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM in Moab at Grand County High School. The competition continued for 18 rounds to determine the winners.  Jersey Wayman (Bruin Point) took first place honors with Garrett Bryner (Mont Harmon) in second place, and after a tie breaker round, Alex Krempoasky (Mont Harmon) took third place.  Rounding out the top five spellers are Sally Shepherd (Helper) and Jarad Saccomano (Helper).

All the students who participated in the Carbon District Spelling Bee were already winners in their respective schools.   Here is a list of all participants and which school they represented:

Bruin Point: Tianna Dickerson, MarieElana Valdez-Garcia, Jersey Wayman

Castle Heights: Nicholas Bryner, Cole Callahan, Kristin Riding

Creekview: Drake Chappell, Cameron Jones, Nellene Ruiz

Helper Middle: Jarad Saccomano, Sally Shepherd, Jordan Westergard

Mont Harmon: Brenden Bryner, Garrett Bryner, Alexander Krempasky

Sally Mauro: Gauge Holm, Dallas Metelko, Kael Morrison

Wellington: Landrie Anderson, Lanie Anderson, Allena Ison

The individual school bees were coordinated by: Tyler Grundy, Shannon Thompson, Hope Manzanares, Jill Ison, Patricia Blanton & Jenny Gagon, Robyn Arambula, and Stacy Basinger.  The district bee was coordinated by Karen Bedont.

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