All Grit, No Quit


Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

As Carbon grapplers prepare for the new season, returning head coach Trent Greenhalgh is working to instill a “no quit” attitude in the team. And while the coaching staff is pushing the Dinos harder than ever before, the wrestlers keep coming back for more.

“I truly hope this is a reflection of the fact that our kids are starting to learn to love the sport and not just endure it,” Greenhalgh said. “Wrestling is a grind, but it is worth it.”

Johnny Jewkes, Gavin Fausett, Trevor Jones and Brax Tapia are helping lead the grind as the team welcomes newcomers to the mat. The incoming freshmen are already showing promise and impressing the coaching staff.

“I honestly am excited about the whole freshman class,” explained Greenhalgh. “They are excited to be here and are all working hard.”

Carbon will continue to blend old and new during the Extinction Event, which is an overnight event at the high school where the Dinos will run, swim and wrestle. The grapplers will also set goals for the year during the event while bonding with teammates and coaches.

With a long season on the horizon, the Dinos have been preparing for the new season for months, attending multiple camps and open mats to focus on technique. The team is expecting to face some tough opponents, including South Summit, a team that Greenhalgh said will probably provide some of the steepest competition.

Throughout all of this, Greenhalgh recognizes the importance the wrestling families and fans plan in the success of the Dinos. “Thanks for all the support from our fans and family and friends,” Greenhalgh said. “We could not do it without you.”

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