ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Issued at Nielson Construction


On Tuesday morning, John Nielson, CEO of Neilson Construction, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which was issued by his nephew James Sitterud. However, Nielson’s bucket of ice water did not come in a standard bucket.

With the bucket of a front end loader full of icy water above his head, Nielson issued the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the entire Nielson Construction workforce.

“For each employee that accepts the challenge, the company will donate to the cause,” Nielson said.

Tuesday afternoon, under a cloudy sky and the wind blowing, the women of Nielson Construction accepted that challenge. With yet another bucket full of icy water in the front end loader, the women issued a challenge to all the men at Neilson Construction.

To donate to the ALS Foundation, visit

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