Angela Jones Praised for Price City Youth Council Efforts


A number of recognitions were underway during the Wednesday evening Price City Council meeting. The first was the recognition of Angela Jones for her effort and work assisting the Price City Youth Council.

Mayor Mike Kourianos expressed his appreciation to the members of the youth council, who had packed the council hall for this recognition. He then asked members of the youth council to speak on Jones.

One member stated that, as a youth council, they have had a lot of adults that were not really receptive to what they wanted, but Jones has been so amazing and very receptive. He stated that Jones has worked as an adult advocate for the council and is a fantastic person, leader and a general voice of reason for the council.

Even though the youth council mayor could not be in attendance, they wished to let Jones know how happy he was to have her on the council.

Another representative of the youth council said that Jones is kind and service-minded. She is there to bounce ideas off of and is a place of support, while also being a person that is attuned to all the different services to be had in this community.

Mayor Kourianos thanked Jones and said there are times that she is in attendance at youth council meetings when he cannot be, making sure projects, assignments and ideas are coming forward.

“We can’t say enough as a council, and as a mayor, that you’re keeping our youth alive,” Mayor Kourianos stated, before saying that Jones is helping the youth council sell the community through their eyes, which is what is important for the future.

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