Annual Lincoln Day Dinner Brings Elected Officials to Emery County


Senator David Hinkins addresses the crowd during the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

By Julie Johansen

Several state and county elected officials were present and spoke to the Emery County Republicans attending the annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Thursday evening. The dinner was catered by Julie and Kent Wilson and many attended to hear from the elected officials. Just Because Singers favored the group with the National Anthem as well as music throughout the evening.

Emery County Republican Chairman Bill Dellos and Vice Chair Janet Geary introduced the attending dignitaries and, following the dinner, invited them to the microphone to address the group. Guest speakers included Senator David Hinkins, Representative Carl Albrecht, Representative Christine Watkins, State Auditor John Dougal and Candidate for State GOP Chair Phill Wright. Also present were representatives from Congressman John Curtis’ and Senator Mitt Romney’s offices as well as the vice chair and secretary of the State Republican Party along with Emery County Commissioner Kent Wilson.

The theme of the evening seemed to be the importance of the party and uniting it. State congress members reported of their work on the hill and the affect it will have on local communities. They also congratulated the county commissioners on the passing of the Emery County Public Lands Bill.

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