Aquatic Battlefield Brought to Life at Teen Night


By Andrea Hofer

Everyone remembers the classic game of battleship growing up. You sit across from your opponent, carefully planning out where to place your ships in hopes they are not hit. Have you ever imagined what it would be like if that battle came to life?

Teens and young adults got to participate in a game of canoe battleship on Friday night for TGIF In The Park. There was also an opportunity to swim in the wave pool.

To play canoe battleship, two canoes are placed in the pool and can have up to three people inside. The players are armed with buckets and oars to help them get around. Players fill their buckets and aim to sink their opponent’s canoe. Water splashing everywhere, participants work together to win the battle and row to safety.

Around 25 teens participated in Teen Night and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

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