BEAR Members Highlight Economic Growth During Monthly Meeting


During the Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) meeting Jan. 23, members reported that the future is looking bright as several new businesses begin to build momentum.

According to Emery County Commissioner Ethan Migliori and Emery County Economic Development Director Mike McCandless, plans are underway for a 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Green River. The facility is projected to bring in approximately $245 million in tax base once complete.

Carbon County Commissioner Casey Hopes explained that he had met earlier in the week with officials who are developing a coal liquefaction plant in Wellington.The facility will produce liquid fuels derived from coal. According to Hopes, the company’s future is promising. Funding is in place and plans are underway to ramp up production to include multiple plants.

Since the company began preparing for the plant, the Wellington load out has seen a dramatic increase in truck traffic. Hopes explained that the load out went from averaging 70 trucks a day to 700 trucks per week. “There are good things on the horizon for Carbon County,” Hopes indicated.

Helper City Mayor Ed Chavez, told those in attendance at the BEAR meeting that the city has completed several large projects which began last May. “We finished the existing construction, but still need to repair some roads,” Chavez stated. “The Main Street project will begin next year and will include water and sewer line replacement.”

Chavez also advised that Helper is working on funding for a river project. Plans are to create an outdoor recreation area which will promote fishing, kayaking and other outdoor activities. The project will begin at Gigliotti Pond and span approximately 2.5 miles and will include widening of the Price River.

Recently, the Community Impact Board turned down the cities request for funding on the project. Chavez explained that the city is currently working on other funding options.

Helper officials are also working to promote residential growth. “We have good opportunities at our schools and lots of empty housing and availability,” Chavez stated. “We are trying to attract young families to our city.”

Department of Workforce Services reported that there are lots of jobs currently open in the area and several companies are hiring at this time. Currently, there is training money available for unemployed residents who meet certain criteria through the DWS Bridge Program.

The Small Business Bridge Grant is designed to help facilitate small business growth and provides limited reimbursement opportunities to offset training costs from the creation of new jobs. Companies in the area qualify for this program and opportunities for qualified job seekers is also available through workforce services.

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