Bill’s Home Furnishings Debuts Local Artists Corner


Bill’s Home Furnishings has created a way to collaborate with local artists. Recently, the decision was made to feature a local artists corner within the store, showcasing various pieces from local artists to display and sell their works.

“We’ve always tried to support the idea of making original art accessible at Bill’s Home Furnishings,” Darren Knott, Bill’s Home Furnishings Owner and CEO stated. “We’re supporting local artists with a place to display and sell their works.”

Currently, submissions are being accepted from local artists to display their work to be sold on commission. Through this venture, Knott encourages community members and visitors alike to visit the store to persue the art and possibly discover a new piece to take home.

Those that are interested in featuring their art or purchasing their new favorite piece can contact Bill’s Home Furnishings at (855) 888-6204 or visit them in Price at 45 South 300 East.

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