Birthday | Betty Anderson

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Guess who turned 90?

Betty Anderson

She has spent her life in the service of others – husband, children, extended family, and many many friends far and near and a wide variety of church callings. She attended beauty school and learned to do hair as she raised her family. It was something she really enjoyed and was good at it for many years. She has been a seamstress since she was very young – making her own clothes, clothes for her family and suits, etc. for her husband and many friends. She has also enjoyed quilting through out her life.

Photography was another talent she enjoyed. She also taught herself to play the piano.

Her favorite calling was being the “door greeter” and handing out programs on Sunday at church along with her sweet husband. She greeted everyone with a smile and a hug.

Her and her husband have set high examples of how to serve and have enjoyed serving their whole lives. She is a wonderful example of a mother and a beautiful faithful child of God.

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