Blue Sage Junior Rodeo Continues in Castle Dale


The Blue Sage Junior Rodeos had their third event of the Summer Rodeo Series on June 22. The rodeo consisted of a number of various events with four different age groups for the competitors, the winners of which would receive a cash prize.

Starting in the 13-18 age group, Ryleigh Allred claimed the first prize in the Girl’s Breakaway event with a swift time of 2.750. In the Goat Tying event, Allred once again claimed the top spot, with Abree Allred and Marai Herrera following. In the Flag Races, Hunter Bingham claimed the top spot in a time of 9.500, followed by Megan Roberts. Bingham also had the victory in the Dummy Roping event.

Marai Herrera would then get the win overall in the Poles event, followed by Abree Allred and Megan Roberts in third in a close race between the competitors. The Barrell Racing event brought out seven competitors and taking the top spot was Madalynn Whimpey (17.947), followed by Hunter Bingham (18.747) and Izabell Coyne (20.199), all claiming some prize money.

Moving onto the nine to 12 age group, Hoyt Horton claimed the victory in the Junior Mini Bulls event and Mylee Mills would receive the top spot in the Breakaway Roping event with a 3.330 time. McKall Wear placed in the number one spot in the Girl’s Goat Tying event with a time of 16.470, followed by a very close Paisyn Peterson with 16.750. Wear also placed third in the Poles, with Whitley Hopes winning the first-place prize in the event with a great time of 22.806.

In Dummy Roping, Jett Jeffs (3.180) placed second and Mylee Mills (3.280) won the third-place position. Onto the busiest event of the rodeo, which was the Barrell Racing event. Whitley Hopes claimed the top spot with a time of 18.515, followed by McCall McElprang (19.075) and Ganon Fox (19.474).

Continuing in Barrel Racing in the six to eight age group, Taylee Allread (24.227) claimed first place, followed by Kasen Paul (25.962) and Ava Peterson (26.947) in third. In the Poles event, Allred once again finished in the top spot with a time of 30.055, with Everlin Manning (39.199) in second, Eli Clegg (41.799) in third, Axel Mead (42.262) in fourth and Charlee Manning (46.472) in fifth. In the Girls’ Goat Tying event, Allred claimed her third top sport of the day with a time of 11.060.

In Boy’s Goat Tying, Axel Mead won the event with a time of 14.910, followed by Riggin Bagley (17.120) and Jaxx Jeffs (18.530). in the Goat Ribbon Pull on Horseback event, Kasen Paul took home the top prize money with a time of 9.280, followed closely by Taylee Allred (9.470) and Axel Mead (10.440). Mead would get the win in the Dummy Roping event with a time of 2.470, followed by Taylee Allred (4.280) and Eli Clegg (4.910). Wrapping up the six to eight age group in the Flag Race, Ava Peterson placed first (18.600), Everlin Manning (19.460) in second and Axel Mead (20.650) in third.

Moving to the zero to five age group, starting in the Dummy Roping event, McKoy Page would get the win (2.720), followed by Jaxon Mead (4.600) in second and Bruin Bell (13.530) in third. Walk Trot Bulls was next, with Riggin Bagley taking home the prize money in the event, Heston Sloan taking second and Jax Clegg earning third. In the popular Goat Ribbon Pull on the Ground event, Tayne Young placed first in the 15-participant event with a time of 4.380. Young was followed by Navy Childs (4.660) and Jaxon Mead (5.000). Childs would get the top spot in the Flag Race with a time of 21.810, followed by Annalise Hansen (26.430) and Jax Clegg (26.540).

In Poles, Childs again won the event, followed by Clegg and JoeyRay Birch. Finishing in the Barrell Raving event, Childs continued to impress winning the event with a time of 31.784, followed by Annalise Hansen (35.416) and Jax Clegg (39.646). The next event will be on July 13 and will take place in Huntington.

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