Did You Know That There is a Rabbit Show in the Southeastern Utah Jr Livestock Show


Press Release

It’s TRUE! There really IS a Rabbit Show at the Stockshow! And it’s been a part of the Stockshow for almost 40 years!

The Rabbit Show was started as a way to include Stockshow exhibitors younger siblings, to give them something to participate in since they weren’t quite old enough to show a larger animal. The Rabbit Show also opened doors to those potential exhibitors who didn’t have the means nor desire to raise & show a larger animal.

Rabbits are incredible animals with LOTS of uses!! They are not just a cute, cuddly face, although we definitely don’t discredit that!! They make wonderful pets!! But rabbits also are a very viable meat source. Rabbit meat is extremely lean, one of the leanest in the world! A trio of meat-breed rabbits, meaning 2 females (called does) & 1 male (called a buck), can produce as much or more meat than a beef steer would, and in a comparable amount of time. And they only need a tiny corner of the yard or barn to live in, and much less feed. Rabbits are used as food sources for other species of animals, as well. Rabbits can be used for fur & fiber, depending on the breed. Rabbits are used in medical testing to further research & create new medications.

The Rabbit Show at the Southeastern Utah Jr Livestock Show is very FUN!! Its relaxed, & low-key. Last year our show included 45 rabbits and 28 exhibitors!! This year we are projected to grow significantly, which is so exciting!! Exhibitors for our show can be any youth, ages 0-18 yrs of age. Any healthy rabbit can be shown, whether that’s your purebred, pedigreed rabbit, or your mixed-breed pet from the backyard.

Our show starts at 5:00 pm on July 12, 2024. Registration is 1 hour prior, at 4:00 pm. Due to the tragic Stockshow barn fire earlier this week, this year the show will be held at the pavilion at the Rodeo Grounds in Castle Dale. Entry fee is $3 a rabbit, payable in cash only please. Our judge is an ARBA Certified Judge. We appreciate his wisdom, knowledge, & experience!! We truly appreciate our Rabbit Show Sponsors each year & the wonderful contributions they make to our show!!

We invite EVERYONE to come & enjoy the Rabbit Show this year!! Come, bring your rabbit & your friends, & have a great time!!

For questions about the Rabbit Show or Show Sponsorship, please text or call Haylee Thomas (435) 820-4220.

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