Board of Appeals Dissolved During Orangeville City Meeting


The Orangeville City Council members came together for their monthly meeting on Thursday. During the meeting, it was discussed that the planning commission had inquired about abandoned homes and what can be done about them. Council member Carol Stilson commented that a particular has become a fire hazard. 

Mayor Roger Swenson suggested reviewing the legal term of abandonment and ensuring that nobody is paying taxes on the property before labeling it as abandoned. There are several throughout the town that seem to be abandoned, according to the council members. Another council member suggested that they could possibly write letters to find out who owns the properties. This matter will be addressed during the next meeting.

The matter of the Orangeville City Board of Appeals was also discussed during the meeting. The Board of Appeals has only met twice during council member Stilson’s time on the council, she said, making it seem like an unnecessary board.

Stilson suggested that they dissolve the Board of Appeals and appoint a single person as the Appeal Authority. A motion to dissolve the board of appeals was approved. During the next meeting, the council will appoint Pat Jones as the Appeal Authority.

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