Funds From CARES Act Discussed During Emery Town Meeting


During the Emery Town Council’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, the issue of funds received from the CARES Act were discussed as council members worked to decide how to allocate the funds.

There is more than $14,000 that needs to be used in accordance with the CARES Act to assist in helping the community. Mayor Amy Sundstrom explained that the town is a bit hard pressed as to where to use the funds because Emery is a small, isolated town and was not affected as badly by COVID-19 as most in the county. She is encouraging people that own businesses, even self contractors and farmers, to apply to receive funds.

It was suggested to use some of the funds to fix the bathrooms in the park as well as the the restrooms at the rest area, depending on the jurisdiction of the rest area. The funds would be used to help maintain and promote a better level of sanitation in the restrooms. 

Another idea was to possibly disburse gift cards for local restaurants throughout Emery County to help strengthen the economy from the impact of COVID-19. Also suggested was buying masks to give to residents in town. 

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