Bookmobile Services Unexpectedly End Early in Carbon County


In June 2017, the Carbon County Commissioners first made the announcement that they were not continuing the contract for Bookmobile services. However, the community rallied and fought to ensure that it would not find an end.

One individual in particular, October Hamilton, who was ten at the time, did all that she could to keep the Bookmobile going and was recognized by the organization for her dedication.

The Bookmobile was successfully able to continue running for some time. Unfortunately, on Feb. 26, the Bookmobile announced that it would be its last day on the road. This shocking revelation distressed many in the community, as the Bookmobile is widely utilized and loved in this rural community.

In November of 2018, the commissioners once again discussed the Bookmobile contract. During this discussion, then-Commissioner Jae Potter stated that a proposed contract would extend the services that were current at the time to March 31 and a notice would have to be given by Feb. 25 if the contract would not be renewed once more. That contract was approved.

Commissioner Casey Hopes stated that, while the state did pay to have the services run to the end of March, the Bookmobile made the decision to stop running early in order to have time to collect books that had been previously distributed. The Bookmobile did express that all books located on the vehicle could be found at the Helper City Library.

While the community is upset by the ending of the Bookmobile, there are other opportunities to acquire reading material.

The Price City Library and Helper City Library are both open the community and services are free. Each library hosts fun events for youngsters as well. Among other local options, Graph-X in Price has incorporated a bookstore into the business and a current bookstore on Helper’s Main Street is working to become a staple.

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