Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County Celebrates We Own Friday Event


It has been one year since the Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County moved into their current location in Price. To celebrate the milestone, members of the club kicked off the We Own Friday event on Oct. 24. The event will be conducted one Friday each month and will provide special activities for youth in grades middle through high school.

During last Friday’s event, club members and friends participated in a costume party. Approximately 20 kids attended and enjoyed food, games and¬†karaoke.

According to club director Josie Luke, the celebration is a way to increase recruitment and display the fun that Boys and Girls Clubs offer local youth. “Our numbers are up by at least three percent,” Luke explained. “We want to continue to grow and welcome any students in middle school to high school.”

We Own Friday is part of a leadership program backed by the Keystone Club, which is a national Boys and Girls Club organization that teaches youth how to become leaders.

During the recent event, club members gathered canned food items to be donated to the area food bank, thus displaying leadership and dedication to the community.


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