Brandon Samples Charged With 5 Felony Offenses in Murder Case


In May of 2019, authorities were notified of a body located in the Mohrland area of Emery County. Following investigation, the body was identified as 61-year-old William Randy Jones of Price, who had died of blunt force trauma.

Brandon Michael Samples, age 38, also of Price, was arrested as the primary suspect for the murder and desecration of Jones. A jury trial was hosted through the week of Feb. 24-28 for the case. Ultimately, Samples was found guilty of murdering and dismembering Jones on April 28, 2019. Jones’ body was found four days later.

Following accounts from Samples’ girlfriend, who played witness to the act, Samples was charged with murder and abuse/desecration of a dead human body as well as three counts of obstructing justice. All five of these charges are felony offenses.

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