Bruce Wilson “Revitalized” Emery County Public Lands Council


Ray Petersen has nothing but good things to say about his former colleague Bruce Wilson, going as far as stating Wilson revitalized the public lands council during this tenure.

Wilson resigned last week as chairman, citing work obligations. He started a new job last year.

“The council needs someone who can dedicate their time fully,” he said. “I was short on time to go a good job.”

Wilson served for six and a half years as chairman and was responsible for directing, coordinating, and assigning tasks for the council.

Though he thinks much has been accomplished during his post, it didn’t start out that way.

“At first it was kind of rocky, not very cohesive,” he explained. “When all the new members got comfortable we started working well and were able to accomplish tasks.”

One of the tasks is a massive public lands bill the council has been working on for a number of years. The bill is aimed to protect the public lands in Emery County from the federal government.

Petersen, who acts as director for the council, praised Wilson for his leadership and work as chairman.

“Under Bruce’s chairmanship, the public lands council was revitalized, becoming a much more proactive organization,” he said. “Bruce sacrificed much personal time to remain involved and in attendance in the scores of meetings required to address public lands issues. He provided a steady and steadfast influence which will be hard to replace.”

Wilson will continue working with the public lands council as a council member. Edward Geary was nominated and elected to replace Wilson at last week’s Emery County Public Lands meeting.



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