“Disgraceful” Conditions Plague Elmo Town


One big issue was brought up last week at the Elmo Town Council meeting. The town is a mess. Literally.

“Every street in town looks disgraceful,” said councilman Dallen Skelley. “We need to make some changes.”

One citizen described trash in the cemetery on Memorial Day, trash in the sand at the city park, along with bottle caps lying about that could pose risks to children.

The council discussed the need to flatten dirt piles in the cemetery, new town sprinklers, and cleaning up garbage after storms.

“When people leave their trash cans out during wind storms it sends trash everywhere,” said Elmo Town employee Calvin Wilson.

Community cleanup projects have proved to be unsuccessful in the past and the council has asked Wilson to try to keep the city looking clean.

Elmo Town Council will next meet July 11.

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