Burglary Suspect Apprehended in Price


Price City Police Department Press Release

On Wednesday just after 4 a.m., Price Police Officer Tyler Cressall was dispatched to a southeast Price residence on report of a burglary in progress. It was reported the suspect fled from the residence, and officer Cressall encountered the male suspect about half a block away from the victim’s residence and was able to safely take the suspect into custody. He matched the description given by the victim perfectly (male, bald, no shirt, parachute pants). The suspect allegedly exhibited signs of methamphetamine use.

Officer Cressall identified the suspect as Thomas R. Ruport, DOB 10-5-79, of Price. Ruport was allegedly incoherent during Cressall’s attempts to talk with him.

Officer Cressall now returned to the victim residence and learned the victim is an 81-year-old female, living there with her 19-year-old pregnant granddaughter, the granddaughter’s boyfriend, and her 15-year-old grandson. Cressall learned that Ruport allegedly gained entry into the residence via an unlocked door and began rummaging loudly through the kitchen. The resident confronted Ruport, who then obtained a doughnut, sat down and began eating it.

By now, other occupants were awakened and began confronting Ruport to leave. A heated argument ensued, and Ruport allegedly left in angry fashion, and as he did so, knocked over front porch patio furniture, causing damage, and then prior to leaving the property, began rummaging through an unlocked vehicle.

Officer Cressall booked Ruport into the Carbon County Jail for felony level burglary of a dwelling and misdemeanor charges of vehicle burglary, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and intoxication. The Carbon County Attorney’s Office will screen the report to determine the appropriate formal charges. According to court records, Ruport has 11 prior arrests, including charges for DUI, drug related charges, burglary, kidnapping and domestic violence.

The Price City Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens to lock the doors of the homes at night as well as their vehicles. This will go a long way toward preventing unwanted intruders. This incident fortunately ended with minimal damage and trauma, but had the potential to end much more tragically.

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