Business Spotlight: Canine Castle


Sisters Nanette Dargle and Jinni Fontana have been hard workers their entire lives. Finally, they decided it was their turn to be in charge and call the shots. Dargle and Fontana decided to become partners and open Canine Castle Professional Dog Grooming on Main Street in Helper.

Dargle has been in the industry since she was a teen in 1977. She has a passion for animals, especially dogs. The name Canine Castle was derived from Dargle’s first job as a teenager at the local dog groomer in her hometown. She has also worked for veterinarians and other animal related industries throughout her career.

Canine Castle opened their doors to the public on Feb. 7 of this year. They groom all dogs by hand and will groom any breed. Two washes, using a wide range of specific shampoos, are provided at each visit to ensure that the dog’s coat is clean. Ear cleanings are also offered.

Dargle believes Canine Castle offers better quality service because of her experience in the industry and her passion for animals. Because of this, she can often diagnose minor problems in dogs when they come in and refer their owners to a vet for medical needs that may often go undetected. Dargle treats dogs as if they were her own to ensure a good grooming.

Throughout the month of February, Canine Castle is offering $5 off first time customers. In the future, Dargle and Fontana are also hoping to introduce dog treats and products made by local residents and companies.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call Nanette Dargle at (435) 472-1615.

Canine Castle is located at 52 South Main in Helper, across the street from the post office.

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