Business Spotlight: Drabs 2 Fabs


Not digging the retro look your home has taken from those ancient cabinets that take you back to the 70s? Drabs 2 Fabs is here to bring Castle Country up to date with its refinishing services for not only cabinets, but furniture, mantels and more.

Drabs 2 Fabs is focused on providing professional cabinet and furniture services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. With years of experience in the painting and refinishing industry, Drabs 2 Fabs employees utilize that experience and expertise to turn a customer’s home into something they can be proud of. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation.

“Brand new kitchen cabinets can range, depending on the size of your kitchen, typically $8,000 to $10,000 and up, especially if they are custom,” said Drabs 2 Fabs manager Lynnsi Hayes. “It is a fraction of the cost to refinish but it will last just as long.”

Drab 2 Fabs’ process of refinishing comes at an affordable cost for customers with all of the customization desired.

“We can do any color a customer wants,” Hayes said. “Customers can choose from our paint swatches, bring us their own color choice or we can match an existing color. All colors can be custom mixed so the customer gets exactly what they want.”

Refinishing services from Drabs 2 Fabs start with a bid from a local professional, which is completely free and can be done in person or through email. Through either process, a Drabs 2 Fabs team member can give a potential customer an estimated cost and timeline for any project.

When a project gets underway, Drabs 2 Fabs ensures that the rest of your home is protected while they clean, sand and paint. Small chips or dings in cabinets and furniture are also repaired for a more flawless finish. Cabinets doors are then transferred to a warehouse to be professionally painted in a controlled environment to make the process even cleaner and safer for a customer’s home.

Once everything is painted, doors are rehung, hardware is set in place or replaced, and your home is left with a new “wow” factor.

“We make sure it is quality and we make sure you are happy,” Hayes said. “If something is wrong after we are done, we will come back and make sure it is right.”

After the team at Drabs 2 Fabs has finished their work, customers can expect simple maintenance of refinished items. Painted items can be cleaned easily with a warm washcloth and need no special treatment to keep their new, fresh look.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Drabs 2 Fabs at (435) 637-7799 or by emailing Be sure to also find “Drabs 2 Fabs” on Facebook to see more refinishing projects and stay up to date on special deals and offers.

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