Carbon County Commissioners Tackle Zoning and Budget Increases


A consideration was presented to the Carbon County Commissioners on Wednesday evening during a regularly scheduled meeting. This consideration was to approve an amendment to increase cash in lieu amount for the inter-local cooperation and contract agreement that is for the Carbon County Senior Center with SEUALG.

Debbie Kobe with the center spoke to the commissioners on this item, stating there is a proposed increase of $3,655 over the original amount. The commissioners approved of this item and the contract was signed during the meeting after attorney Christian Bryner assured the commissioners that all was copacetic.

A public hearing also took place during the meeting to change the Carbon County zoning map. Local realtor Carla Saccomanno was present during the meeting, requesting to have the area in question, located in Carbonville, changed from rural to residential in order for a subdivision to be built.

A number of community members that live in the area spoke against this proposal. A main concern presented was the fact that the area is already sped through by drivers and traffic will surely increase with the additions. Another voiced concern is that wildlife are going to be pushed out of their living spaces.

Saccomanno spoke on her behalf, stating that a small area of the property is already zoned and will be built on regardless. She also informed all that there is an area that will be cordoned off to be left alone for wildlife purposes. Saccomanno also stated that she had to fight for the property and that if she didn’t attempt to build on it, others would have.

The motion to change the area on the zoning map was approved by the commissioners. However, it was also made known to all that this is only the first step in the process of installing the subdivision and that there are other stipulations Saccomanno will have to meet before proceeding.


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