Business Spotlight: S & V Glass


S & V Glass is a family owned business that is owned and operated by Vernon and Susan Childs along with their son Joe Childs. They have been in business in Orangeville for more than 30 years.

Vernon worked in the coal mines for 27 years. He and his wife Susan had concerns about job stability in the coal mining field and felt they need something to fall back on. That led him to install his first windshield in 1982 when they started their business. S & V Glass started out as part-time job with Vernon only installing four or five windows per week.

In 2001, Vernon retired from the coal mine and went full time into the glass business. Since that time, S & V Glass has grown and expanded into all aspects of glass repair and replacement. The business focuses on customer satisfaction and mobile operation. They will come directly to customers to work whenever possible for a person’s convenience.

Services provided by S & V Glass include professional windshield repair and chip repair for those little crack and chips that occur on the road. It is important to remember that a damaged windshield can make a car or truck unsafe to drive. If the damage is minor, customers may be able to get it repaired. If the crack or chip begins to spread across the window, the windshield will need replaced.

The business also works on boat and RV glass repair as well as mining machinery and other heavy equipment. S & V Glass provides residential window replacement, renovation and installation, commercial storefront windows, European shower glass and mirrors.

Some of the work they have provided includes work for the power plants, coal mines and mining equipment. S & V Glass has worked at Miller’s Landing in Huntington and with the Emery County Historical Society to replace the windows in the Castle Dale City Hall.

S & V Glass offers a lifetime warranty against leakage and will deal directly with a customer’s insurance company. Just call them and they will take it from there.

At S & V Glass, they make it as simple and convenient as possible to get a vehicle’s glass repaired. When customers need their help, they will come to them. They pride themselves on their commitment to excellence in all they do. From extensive overhauls to minor repairs, they are equipped to handle it all and go out of their way to keep their rates reasonable and affordable.

Vernon would like to express his appreciation for the people of Emery and Carbon counties for their support throughout the years. “I really enjoy working with them,” he said.

S & V Glass is located in Orangeville at 300 South Main Street. Customers can reach them between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling (435) 748-5599 or toll free (866) 894-8613. For further information, find their ad on the back of the phonebook or visit their websites at or

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