Calling all volunteers-Price City organizes a ‘pool of volunteers’


In the last Price City Council meeting, Price City Public Works Director Gary Sonntag brought up the issue that residents are asked to maintain the parking strip area on their property though, in reality, it’s a city right-of-way. Some residents are unable to maintain the areas due to health issues. He also said that he gets individuals coming and looking for projects for which to volunteer.

After some discussion on how the best way to match volunteers with projects, Price City decided to develop an active “pool of volunteers.” Volunteers would be given an opportunity to serve those that are less able in completing their responsibility to maintain properties.

If residents call the city asking for assistance, they will be referred to the “pool of volunteers.”

Any interested individuals or groups that would like to be in the “volunteer pool” may call the Price City Public Works Department at 637-5010 and ask to be placed in the pool.

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