Canary Counseling Opens on Helper’s Main Street


Jennifer A. Buttrick has brought great counseling opportunities to Helper’s Main Street with Canary Counseling. Buttrick is a CMHC, EMDR Clinician that is licensed in Utah, and she is now serving clients at her Helper office.

Buttrick began her professional career by working at Smith’s for 19 years before continuing her education in 2015. She graduated with a Masters in 2019 from Adams State University in Colorado. She is now 44 years old, and while she is originally from New Hampshire, she is now calling Carbon County her home.

Buttrick is married to Kylie Howell, who is a local barber that owns Friar Tucks, which means the two both have business on the historic Main Street of Helper. Howell is from the area and Buttrick is from a small town herself, so when the two were looking to their future, it felt right for them to make Helper their home. They wanted to be in an area that was sustainable, realistic and important to them. Both have licenses in Utah and it made a lot of sense for them to return to a rural setting.

Most of Buttrick’s work has been done at Odyssey House of Utah in Salt Lake City, where she still works part time. Through this work, she has learned how to be confrontational and deal with a lot of her own issues.

What can the community expect coming to Canary Counseling? The first thing Buttrick assured was that there would be no pressure. She wants those that seek the counseling to bring who they are and what they are, as is. She stated that it is not helpful to try to force something to happen. She assured that she would call patients on their truths and meet them where they are in a realistic and authentic way.

Buttrick stated that there will likely be laughter and tears in the counseling journey. She believes that it is important to be upfront, vulnerable and honest about where a person is in life. She likes to encourage all to embrace it because it is both exciting and scary.

Buttrick said she continues to learn and she likes to keep clients in the loop on that. If she learns something new, she may try it out with a client and they will know that. She said that with this new private practice, she is not shy about failing.

Canary Counseling is a service that is available for adults in the area, as Buttrick has not had training in counseling adolescents. The hours of operation for Canary Counseling vary. Currently, it is open six days per week, but by appointment only. Buttrick encouraged any interested to give her a call to find a time that works for them.

“I’m here. Call me, get in here. I want to help and I want to sit next to you and help you heal,” said Buttrick.

Full information regarding the insurance that is accepted, pricing on both individual therapy session and couple’s therapy, and more can be located on the website. Canary Counseling’s Facebook page has contact information and more ways to connect.

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