Canyon View Middle School Student of the Week


Jaxon Butler

Jaxon is being nominated for the academic strides he is currently making towards our school goals. Jaxon may have a piece of the old west in his heart, with his love of riding horses, the movie Tombstone, and his ideal wardrobe from Ariat. He is on top of his learning and consistently maintains a positive attitude. He works hard at everything he does, whether that’s a summer job on a farm, building projects in the shop, or hunting and fishing with his family. Not sure how he does it, but manages to find a bit of free time to snag a burger at Ponderosa. Jaxon is able to do all of this plus balance academics, student government, and athletics with ease. Congratulations Jaxon!

Autumn Rasmussen

Autumn is being nominated for her growth and engagement in her literacy class. She has made incredible growth in one quarter, one of the highest in her class. When she is not traveling around the world, she can be found running through the streets of Cleveland, shooting hoops, or spiking a volleyball. When she finds any spare time, her favorite thing to do is hang out with friends! She is an important part of our girls athletic teams here at Canyon View all while continuing to progress and make growth towards school goals. She is an all-around amazing example of a high performing student athlete, way to go Autumn!!


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