Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Waylon McElprang

Waylon is being recognized as student of the week for all of his academic achievements at Canyon View Middle School. He has been solid on increasing his reading level and continues to push forward when challenges arise. His contribution to his literacy class helped them win a school-wide math competition. His witty banter and stories help create a fun atmosphere in the classroom. Waylon isn’t afraid of work and getting his hands dirty, he’ll accept any challenge and work hard to achieve it. While he’s not entertaining his teachers and classmates, Waylon can be found outside entertaining (or training) his cow dogs. All his practice on the wrestling mat comes in in handy when trying to wrangle all the animals on his farm. Lucky for his cows he prefers to eat meat he doesn’t take care of like lobster and crab. He has some great goals for himself and will definitely achieve them with his desire to succeed.

Hazard Perry

Hazard is being recognized as student of the week for his consistent hard work toward our school’s goals as well as his personal goals. He gives 110% in all areas whether he’s in the classroom, on the wrestling mat or cross-country course. All classes are his favorite and he demonstrates this by not only caring about his grades but also striving to learn and master the content. Hazard has been able to increase his reading level and math progress throughout the year helping his literacy class be successful in competitions. He enjoys working and always puts forth his all which is why he will achieve his goal of being a successful business owner when he is older. He knows what he wants and will make sure he does everything he can to get it. Hazard isn’t all work and no play though, he enjoys playing all types of games and has recently admitted his favorite “educational” game is States!


Congratulations Waylon and Hazard, CVMS is lucky to have you as our students!


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