Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Monty McElprang

Monty McElprang is being recognized for student of the week for demonstrating great leadership skills like personal responsibility and kindness to those around him in and out of the classroom. Monty is so fun to have in class, he always has a great story and is willing to share a laugh with anyone! Just like his storytelling, his roping skills are top-notch. He’s the best to joke around with and definitely enjoys a good shenanigan or two. While he has set some great goals for school, throw this kid on a farm and he would be set for life! All he needs is his horse, cows and family (not necessarily in that order!). He works hard and plays even harder. He’s pretty excited to get working on his CO2 car at school and everyone at CVMS can’t wait to see his creation of a semi-truck or farm equipment!


Kysler Kofford

Kysler Kofford is being recognized for student of the week because he is always kind and is very polite. Even though he is competitive, he consistently is a team player and always displays sportsmanship. Kysler works hard to make sure he is doing well in his classes and brightens everyone’s day with his fantastic smile. He values kindness and does a fantastic job at demonstrating it daily. If given the opportunity, and time travel, he would do anything to join the stage with The Jackson 5. Pretty sure he has some mad rapping skills too since Snoop Dogg is the only qualified one to play Kysler in a movie about his life! He enjoys being active whether it’s in the gym, on a field, or hanging with friends. He puts forth his best effort in all he does whether it’s in the classroom, on the court, or keeping his new kicks in pristine condition.

Congratulations Monty and Kysler, CVMS is lucky to have you both!

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