Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Kaden Mills

Kaden Mills has been nominated for student of the week for his dedication to being a successful Canyon View student. He sees the importance of doing well in school and works hard at meeting his personal and school goals. His dedication is shown through the meticulous care he puts into his goats for the stock show. Kaden is known for always being kind to everyone around him and is consistently a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He is the best cheerleader for his peers in the classroom, in addition to the sidelines at our school’s sporting events. He might seem quiet at first but is quite the chatter-box, especially when the topic involves a particular girl who has caught his eye! Keep up the hard work Kaden, Canyon View Middle School is excited to see all your future accomplishments!

Kash Waite

Kash Waite is being recognized for student of the week for personally setting the bar higher for himself and going above and beyond what is asked of him. He has been able to surpass the school goal in reading and is on his way to ensure his math and writing goals are conquered! While he works on strengthening his learning at school, he makes his physical strength a priority as well. He feels the best part of Canyon View is the sports, where he participates in football and wrestling. Any free time Kash has, he enjoys working out to make sure he’s in peak condition to succeed on the field and mat. He enjoys hanging out with his friends where they have joined forces creating their presence on social media. He has his sights set on making more money than anyone can imagine and if he continues to apply himself, his dream can be a reality. Congratulations Kash, thanks for making Canyon View a fun place to learn!

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