Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Annie Ramstetter

Annie Ramstetter has been nominated for student of the week for her dedication to our school goals! She kept her eye on the finish line all quarter and was able to overcome multiple obstacles to push her way to the end. Canyon View recently celebrated her hard work as she received an All-Star award in reading. Her habit of waking up early definitely contributes to her success both in and out of the classroom. Annie’s determination carries over into her home life and values the life lessons she learns from working on the farm. She loves her fleet of animals and if she had a million dollars she would buy as many dogs and horses as possible. Congratulations Annie, you truly are an All-Star!


Fernando Urbina-Beck

Fernando has been nominated for student of the week for determination and grit he displays every day! He has taken ownership of his data and his grades and is constantly asking what he can do to ensure he passes his classes. Fernando has set some awesome goals for himself and continues to achieve them. He has his sights set on being a policeman; the habits he is learning now will ensure he succeeds. He has been enjoying the time he’s spent at Canyon View and thinks that getting to know everyone has been the icing on the cake. He lives by the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. Even though he is a friend to everyone, he doesn’t let that stop him from taking down his opponents on the football field or wrestling mat. Congratulations Fernando, you brighten up the halls of our school!


Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez has been nominated for student of the week because he embodies all the qualities that make a Canyon View student truly exceptional! His dedication to personal and school goals, along with his kind and respectful nature, sets him apart as a remarkable individual. Luis prides himself on being willing to lend a helping hand to classmates or teachers, and including everyone around him. His quiet sense of humor and infectious smile brightens the atmosphere wherever he goes. Although Canyon View doesn’t let him wear hats he still enjoys our school, especially hanging out with his friends. He’s got a need for speed whether it’s running the cross country course, speeding around the track or sitting behind the wheel (in the future of course!). Congratulations Luis, you help make CV a welcoming place to learn!

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