Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Deagan Brady

Deagan Brady has been nominated for student of the week for being a total champ and excelling in everything he does. He is funny, kind, and very studious. He creates high expectations for himself and knows what he needs to do to reach those goals. His current goal is to keep his grades and citizenship top-notch and has done well during his time at Canyon View. Because of his dedication to learning, he has been able to show great growth this school year and there’s no doubt he will continue to exceed expectations! Deagan looks forward to spending time with friends and family building projects, playing sports or just messing around. He says the best thing about going to Canyon View is the relationships he has created with friends, although he would like to point out that if he were able to sit with those friends in class then CV would be even better! Congratulations on all your accomplishments Deagan, your dedication has paid off during your time at our school!

Elias Hascall

Elias Hascall has been nominated for student of the week for his effortless ability to adapt to a new school and prove he can be successful anywhere. He has made our school goals a priority this year and has been able to do what is needed to accomplish them. He always works hard to ensure his GPA, reading level and Aleks is where it should be to qualify for Top Cat. On top of succeeding in the classroom, Elias has dominated on the football field and basketball court while playing for the Cougars. He was able to help both teams finish the season undefeated and take home the championship trophy! He embodies a selfless mindset and hopes to join the Marines and be on the front line to fight for our country. He still knows how to have fun and any time he and his friends are together, shenanigans and laughter are sure to be included. Congratulations Elias, you’ve made a positive impact here at Canyon View!



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