Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Trevor Monsen

Trevor Monsen has been nominated for student of the week by proving that hard work pays off! He kept his head down and worked hard to improve his Star level this year. Now he is able to walk away with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing he can and will achieve anything he sets his mind to. He continually applies that same effort to other classes and takes ownership of his grades while advocating for himself when he needs help. Outside of school, Trevor has honed his shooting skills and enjoys putting his skill to test while hunting. In the off-season his sharp eye and clear focus are ideal in golf, where he takes dead aim at the pin. Congratulations Trevor, your hard work is a great example to many at Canyon View Middle School, keep it up!


Serenity Gross

Serenity Gross has been nominated for student of the week for her amazing growth towards personal and school goals. She is able to advocate for her learning by participating in class discussions and asking for help when it’s needed. She also knows what she needs to do to succeed and is able to stay dedicated to completing her work on time to make sure her grades stay in tip-top shape. She has a love for reading and can often be found enjoying a good book, chances are it’s one of the fifteen books in the Wings of Fire series. She enjoys talking for hours on end about anime characters and their abilities, who she met and what she saw at Comic-Con, or spouting out quotes from her favorite movies. Congratulations Serenity, CVMS has been a better place with you in our halls!


Kenneth Jensen

Kenneth Jensen has been nominated for student of the week for his positive attitude and constant desire to increase his knowledge. He enjoys reading a good book and his Star scores show it. Because of his ability to maintain awareness of both school and personal goals, he knows what needs to be done to accomplish each one. Kenneth is inquisitive about life and enjoys switching the roles by teaching others about scientific facts, nerf guns and all things military. Another fantastic habit of his is being prepared. He has demonstrated this by bringing the essentials to school like pencils, homework and most importantly SNACKS! It’s usually a safe bet that Kenn has a variety of options to choose from which he may or may not have shared said snacks with teachers a time or two! Congratulations Kenneth, you make CV a great place to lean!




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